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Student Success Center

Purpose:  To provide students with a monitored location for work that is accessible and academically focused.

  • The center will be a teacher recommendation based location. Students who need to access the center will need to have their teacher fill out the google form.

    • Students will have to sign in when they arrive

  • Please use the google form linked below to recommend a student for the center. This will allow me to keep track of all the students who are in the center and what they are using it for. Please try to give at least one day's notice.

  • The center can be used for make-up tests/quizzes, revisions, assignments, etc. Please only send students that have work to complete.

    • If you do not want your student to miss your class period, please send them during their off hour, lunch or in the morning before school.

  • Use of the the SSC is a privilege and students will be expected to behave accordingly

    • This will be a phone free zone, so their focus can solely be on the work they need to complete.

    • Quiet space to work without distractions

    • Access can be revoked if students are not behaving appropriately

  • The center is located in east end of the Library Media Center.

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