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Super Boosters is Back!!! 

Super Boosters is a parent run, non-profit organization - 501(c) (3) - that supports all CHSAA athletics and activities at Battle Mountain High School through advertising sales, sponsorships, Husky Gear sales and various fundraisers. Super Boosters helps with team/activity needs and any other expense not covered by athletic fees, BMHS or ECSD. Working closely with the BMHS Athletic Director, we ensure that every student has the opportunity that they need to pursue their athletic/activity dreams at Battle Mountain High School.


SuperBoosters need your help!

You can support SuperBoosters in many ways:

  • Come to a SuperBooster meeting
  • Be the parent rep for your child's CHSAA activity
  • Purchase a corporate banner or bill board
  • Make a donation

For more information contact:

Kerry Skidmore, Parent Volunteer

Gentry Nixon, Athletic Director