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Athletic Trainer


Brooke Rey

Brooke Rey, is Battle Mountain High Schools’ certified athletic trainer. She has been at BMHS for 4 years and operates an athlete care facility in the athletic hallway of the school. Her goals are to oversee the health, welfare and safety of all student athletes and to help them stay playing the sports that they love as much and as long as possible. She is an employee of Vail Health and works in close collaboration with The Steadman Clinic and Steadman Philippon Research Institute as well as with Howard Head Sports Medicine. As an allied healthcare professional, she maintains relationships with many Eagle County medical specialists and believes in working as a healthcare team for the best interest of the patient. She is an excellent resource for orthopedic knowledge and expedited medical care.



Brooke is on site at BMHS daily to assist athletes with injury evaluations, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention. She is available for all student athlete healthcare needs by appointment only.  Time slots available will vary based on current team practices or competitions that she attends and will be separated into “In-Season” and “Out-of-Season” appointment blocks to limit facility traffic and to uphold pod or training group designations as much as possible. Athletes should arrive at their appointment times early to allow sign-in time and are required to wear a mask. Please click on the appropriate sign-up to make an appointment or contact Brooke with any questions.

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ImPACT neurocognitive baseline testing will be done individually this year, rather than in a group setting at school. Each student athlete who needs to take the test will receive an email with a link to test from home. Those who will need to test include any student athlete new to the school, those whose test is older than 2 years or an individual with a history of concussions. Please ensure a quiet testing environment to limit distractions and support the student athlete in achieving a valid test result.  The test will take approximately 30-45 minutes and should be taken seriously with maximal focus and attention maintained to portray accurately healthy cognitive functioning. This should be done as soon as possible after receiving the email link to complete the test.

Brooke Rey, MSAT, ATC
Athletic Trainer/ Sports Phys. Teacher
Battle Mountain High School
Vail Health- The Steadman Clinic
Office: 970-569-5349
Cell: 970-306-9863