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Graduation Activities

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Senior Finals:
Wednesday, May 17th Periods 1-3
Thursday, May 18th Periods 4 -7


Senior Checkout Day:  Tuesday, May 23rd @ BMHS Lecture Hall 9:00am-Noon
  All school and athletic fees must be paid prior to checkout

· Seniors will receive their sign out sheets on Monday, May 15th. Seniors will acquire signatures from their teachers / librarian and have lockers cleaned out and signed off by Mr. Morales before checkout.

Senior Awards Night:   Tuesday, May 23rd @ BMHS Auditorium 6:00pm - 8:00pm
· Awards, cords and honors presented to Seniors through academics, activities, athletics
· Seniors will be invited who are receiving recognitions; all others are welcome to attend
Required Graduation Rehearsal:  Thursday, May 25th 12:00-2:00 @ Ford Amphitheater in Vail
· ALL Seniors are REQUIRED to attend this MANDATORY rehearsal. 
· Anyone not in attendance will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.  Work, family issues, or other conflicts need to be resolved prior to this date as they will not be considered valid reasons for missing the rehearsal.


Graduation Ceremony:  Saturday, May 27th 12:00-2:00 @ Ford Amphitheater
· ALL graduates need to report by 11:00am at the Ford Amphitheater in Vail.  The early reporting time for Seniors is to accommodate getting lined up before the ceremony.

Participation:  the graduation ceremonies are a time-honored event.  Technically all events including graduation itself are optional and not required to receive a high school diploma.  As such Seniors need to understand that their attendance and behaviors will be taken into consideration for the privilege to walk in the ceremonies. 
Legal Name:  your name as it appears in PowerSchool and all other legal documents related to school will be the same name that is used for your diploma, name reading at the graduation ceremony, and alphabetical seating assignment.
Seating:  seating at graduation is done in alphabetical order by last name as it appears on your official high school diploma.
Diplomas:  will be handed out after the graduation ceremony at a table outside of the amphitheater.  Students will be given a diploma cover that is empty inside when they walk across the stage.  It is the graduate’s responsibility to pick up their actual diploma and student records.  Diplomas are printed with your full legal name to remain consistent with other legal documents.
Graduation Caps & Gowns:   You can’t graduate without the proper attire!  Caps and Gowns will be handed out during checkout on May 23rd. The only thing that can be shown as decorations on the gown are the medals, cords, or stolls provided by BMHS to honor graduates. Students WILL BE allowed to adorn their caps with personalized items that are to be two dimensional.  Please be considerate and don’t make the cap decoration a distraction to the ceremony.
Dress Etiquette:  Graduation Ceremony it is expected that students dress appropriately for these time honored and significant community events.  “Business casual” would be the minimum expectation for student attire.