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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment / Concurrent Enrollment - Colorado Mountain College
Students at BMHS can earn college credit while working toward high school graduation. Students benefit not only by saving college tuition and time but will find upper level courses challenging and good preparation for college work. These opportunities include:


The Colorado legislature allows juniors and seniors to attend approved post-secondary educational institutions to earn high school and/or college credit. Eagle County School District has entered into an agreement with Colorado Mountain College to provide the opportunity for students to earn high school and
college credit simultaneously.

 The Accuplacer allows for a student’s placement in a DE class (provided they pass with an eligible score). Test date are available in the spring PRIOR to
registration for the next school year. If a student takes the Accuplacer test past those determined dates, then their placement in the class is not guaranteed.

Students may also take the ACT or the SAT and submit qualifying scores to the Counseling office. Dual/Concurrent Enrollment coursework is eligible for credit if the courses are required to graduate from high school and the student has completed a CMC “Intent to Enroll Form”.

 Due to agreements between Colorado Mountain College and Colorado’s public four-year institutions, Dual/Concurrent Enrollment coursework earned at BMHS is guaranteed to be accepted by Colorado’s four-year institutions. Private colleges accept credits at their own discretion. Graduating seniors will
need to request a CMC transcript be sent to the college they plan to attend. Ambitious BMHS students can earn an Associate Degree along with a high school diploma by taking a combination of Dual/Concurrent Enrollment classes at BMHS and coursework at CMC. See your counselor for
more information.

 Students who receive a D or F in a DE class are required to pay the cost of the class back to the district office.

 CMC and BMHS have different drop dates. Students will follow BMHS drop date which is within the first 5 days after a semester begins. A student who drops a DE class after the BMHS drop date will receive a WF unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Battle Mountain Spring 2021 DE Presentation

Colorado Mountain College, Vail Valley Campus contact person: Carol Carlson 970-569-2934 or