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Find out about the upcomping college visits, scholorship information,
dual enrollment and the military as a career click HERE

Camp College for Juniors

Camp College is a robust expanded education opportunity that assists students in identifying skills and passions, discovering a personalized college pathway, completing college application fundamentals, building community with peers and professionals, and the opportunity to go on college visits. Students will receive continued support and advising through the school year if they would like to stay engaged.

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Our vision is to prepare all Battle Mountain High School students to be global-ready graduates,
who will be successful in their careers or college experience and contribute to their communities
in positive and effective ways.
Counseling Mission Statement
Battle Mountain counselors advocate for and empower all students, regardless of background 
or individual circumstances, to succeed in high school and plan for their postsecondary goals
and become global ready citizens. We help students develop and meet their academic and
career goals while fostering healthy relationships and social emotional growth.

Through collaboration with other educators and stakeholders, counselors encourage self
advocacy and promote life-long learners. Our professional counselors utilize data driven,
research based and innovative ways to serve all students, helping them maximize academic
and vocational achievement.
Top 10 Reasons Students Might See Their Counselor:
1. Get help solving conflicts
2. You just want to talk to someone who will listen and keep things confidential*
3. Get help with planning your future
4. Talk about college and career choices
5. Find out how to search for scholarships
6. You need someone to attest to your academic achievements
       (letters of recommendation, transcripts, and applications)
7. Get help making important decisions
8. You want to do better in school
9. Get help with managing your busy schedule

Counseling Office Staff

student last name A-E grades 9,10,11 
A-L 12th
(970) 569-5381
student last name F-L grades 9,10,11 
M-Z 12th
(970) 569-5382
student last name M-Z grades 9,10,11
(970) 569-5396
Counseling Fax
(970) 569-5385



(970) 569-5384


(970) 569-5380
Habla Español

Hope Center Therapist

(970) 328-7851

ELL Support

(970) 569-5383
Habla Español