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Attendance Secretary
Carolina Serrano Gomez
970-328-2930 ext#1 or  970-328-2933 Habla Español

 If the lines are busy or no one answers, please leave a message or email as we check those frequently. 

For the safety of students and the accurate monitoring of attendance, please follow the procedures below.                        

When calling the attendance line, please leave a VOICE MAIL message with your student’s name, SPELLING LAST NAME, your name and phone number where you can be reached, the date and times of the absence, and the reason your student is missing class.

1.) Absences cannot be excused without a specific date and specific class period given or all day. If your student is an athlete, we will need a doctor note to excuse the absence(attendance policy).

2.) Errors: If you believe your student was marked tardy or absent in error, your student should communicate directly with their teacher to clear up any discrepancies. If any correction needs to be made, your student's teacher will email the attendance office with any corrections needed. Due to call volume, the attendance office cannot contact your student's teacher for you.                     

Messages on the attendance line are reviewed daily and every effort is made to update PowerSchool in a timely manner, however, changes may take up to 24 hours to reflect in our student’s record. If you receive a prerecorded call or email from attendance and have already left a message, please disregard the automated message.


Early Dismissal Procedures
Please call the attendance line to excuse your student from those periods they will miss completely. If you are calling with less than one hour's notice of the required early dismissal. The attendance office can contact the class to notify the teacher to release the student. Due to the size of our campus, requests to release a student from class cannot always be accommodated on short notice.
Parent Notification
Our computerized parent notification system will contact you to inform you of unexcused absences. A call to the Attendance Office to excuse the absence on the day of the absence (before 8:40 a.m.) will prevent the computer from calling you. If you receive a prerecorded call or email from attendance and have already left a message, please disregard the automated message. 
Pre-arranged Absence Form
The pre-arranged form / solicitud para futuras ausencias must be signed by the parent/guardian, all teachers, and an administrator at least three days prior to proposed absences(s), excluding emergencies. Excused absences will be allowed one day to make-up assignments for each day missed, and it is the student’s responsibility to request make-up work and turn it in within the stipulated limits. If the absence(s) is (are) noted as unexcused, teachers are not obligated to accept the late work.
For homework please go to Schoology